Wigflex 002

by V/A



RA: "Exploring the constraints of the dubstep tempo, the Wigflex label has, over the course of its first two 12-inch releases, focused on giving a voice to producers who are fleshing out the skeletal—140 BPM or thereabouts—template with a smorgasbord of synth colours and textures. The level of talent label owner Spam Chop has unearthed over these first eight tracks is completely unrivalled, with monster turns from former unknowns The Hizatron and Metaphi all but stealing the show on WF001.

This duo return on the label's follow-up, sharing the A-side with computer game sound effect-laced tracks that trace completely different trajectories. Metaphi's "Overhill" eases back into the lolloping drum beat, pinging and reversing through the wall of primitive computer blips before the synthesized strings swell and engulf whereas The Hizatron's "Now Then Boris'' powerful first four bars signal a 4x4 stomper that gets sprayed with detuning and severe pitch bending as the ascending synth plays out like an air raid siren for the uneducated.

The flip harbours a rolling rave drum stomp from newbie Eleven Tigers on "Stood Up" that comes complete with wild bouts of percussive white noise, melodic whistles and crushing breakdowns that explode with bouts of synth pressure before his tough, driven drum thump returns. The last offering on the 12-inch comes from Taylor. In a similar vein to the opener from Metaphi, "Globular" is a loper, all sunshine toy pianos and sustained reverb that playfully reels your attention in with subtle rolling kick drums before it unravels itself into a melancholic must-have."


released June 22, 2009



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